Alesia Films is an official Musicbed Ambassador!

After using only Musicbed for the last 3 years in my full time wedding videography career, I can genuinely say that Musicbed has the best music to license. Every time, I’m able to find the perfect audio visual to match the vibes of my footage.

Musicbed works really closely with filmmakers and musicians in need of music for all sorts of projects – from song search help, requesting song covers and partnering with top cinematic brands like Netflix and ESPN – they are the most legit premium music licensing for all creatives.

hear it from them! 👇🏽

With this happy announcement, I wanted to share my top songs for wedding films and teasers that I’ve personally used in my past work.

The vibes I always go for is Indie, Cinematic, Vintage and occasionally, rock.

Need music for your films?

Look no further than Musicbed!

If you use this link, I will get a small affiliate kickback, and this supports my fur babies, so thank you!!

Alesia’s Top Songs

Indie Folk/ Indie Pop

52 by Mountain Boy

I’m Ready to Let Go by Arows

After the War by Branches

Make Believe by Benjamin Love

Long Way Home by Prince of Spain

So Alive by Leucadia

The Rest of our Lives by The Echelon Effect

Only You by Stray Theories

The Final Shore by Jordan Critz

Wide Awake by The Light the Heat

Dreamgurl by Besphrenz

Tomorrow by Jake Isaac

High Road by Upstate

Nothing’s Missing by The Coast

Tell it to Me by Bronze Radio Return


Close by Airplanes

You are Always with Me by John Lucas

Make it Out by Boundary Run

Leaves Drifting by St. Aeon Choir

Gold Light by Henze

About Us by Gael

The Rise by Secret Nation

Space for Us by Young Collective


In Love Again by Jeb Stuart

Rain Field by Nick Box

Holding on to You by Margaret Lewis

A Place in my Heart by Big John Hamilton

So Deep in Love by Eddy Giles

After Twelve by Harlow Wilcox

You Come to Me by Edwin Bruce

Just Being With You by Edwin Bruce

Cinematic Rock

Last Chance by CHPTRS

Through Different Eyes by CHPTRS

First Light by Why We Wander

Let the New Begin by CHPTRS

Reborn by Hundred Years

Sunlight Lover by Soldiers Story

Fighter by Warcub

Born to Win by Ryan Innis

Dogs of War by The Last Knife Fighter

Fight On by The Last Knife Fighter

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