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When couples decide to share vows in their favorite place, do the things they already love to do, and create their own intentional itinerary, it feels NATURAL. Couples can truly imagine and create the best day ever that's catered to them. It brings excitement to the activities and traditions they decide for themselves. By doing so, elopement films get to showcase their story in a joyous and adventurous way! See for yourself here 👇🏼


Approximately 120,000 passengers fly out of Sky Harbor International airport each day. The chances of two people meeting would take a miracle.

On February 27, 2016, Samantha boarded flight 1365 clueless that the girl she would love most in this world would be assigned a seat directly in front of her. That girl was Marissa, of course! Luckily, Sam’s handsome friend, Jesse, finagled a number exchange to later pass onto Sam during their trip in San Francisco for a friendly meetup. Little did Marissa know, it would be Sam who made contact. After 3 years of friendship and 2 years of dating, Samantha + Marissa proposed to one another - one of them being on an airplane, just like how they met. Their original Wingman, Jesse, naturally officiated their beautiful elopement in Sedona, AZ.

"Boarding Flight 1365"

This 2 day adventure elopement started with a sunrise hike up to an alpine lake to exchange vows and watch the leaves fall. The next day, Stewart and Lauren gathered with family and friends in a cozy A-Frame cabin nestled in the mountains of Ouray, CO. We got to capture these two magical days with them and get all of the Penny snuggles, fresh mountain air and beautiful scenic views from our drone. This was our favorite location we've ever shot for falling leaves, colorful hills and smore's! 

"You're nervous aren't you?"

Anna & Gio's sunrise elopement at Tamanawas Falls in Mt. Hood, OR was absolutely breathtaking! We were lucky enough to have a couple that trusted our vision and allowed us to try some new things with their video. Essentially, we wanted people to hear and see what it feels like to get up THIS EARLY to start getting ready for not only a wedding day but a hike to a waterfall. Everyone was tired and hungover and yet, the family banter and smiles were evident. This was also our first try at incorporating a nostalgic super 8 film to achieve that "family home video vibe" while also making it professional and bringing in the "Alesia Films" editing style. We hope everyone enjoys this video because we love these guys so much and they've completely made us rethink how we want to run our business and make future wedding films!

"4:46 AM"

Alaska - a true back country gem of our country. From the hundreds of mountain peaks, clear water lakes, rivers, glaciers, bears, moose and mountain goats - this was truly an unforgettable experience and that’s exactly what Brooke and Cody wanted. An unforgettable Alaskan experience. And coming all the way from Florida, and spending the week after eloping in the PNW, they got the ULTIMATE experience. And that’s what elopements are all about!! Doing what you already love to do. And for some, that’s exploring new places or going to a place they love! And Alaska is that place for so many people. If you’re planning a destination elopement to Alaska, definitely follow Brooke and Cody’s itinerary and book a helicopter tour so you can see these unforgettable views!!

"If Standing was Flying" 

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