Get comfy, grab some popcorn, and get ready to watch videos of my favorite people getting married!

Elopements are a lot more candid and authentic—it takes a lot less posing and positioning couples to “look” like they’re in love when they aren’t doing something they’ve never done before. When couples decide to say their vows in their favorite place in the world, do the things they love to do, it gets EASY. It means something a lot deeper to them. It brings out their story and lets their day be joyous and adventurous! See for yourself here 👇🏼


I was absolutely SHOCKED when Alice and Brad told me they weren’t sure if their elopement had enough “stuff” to create a wedding video for. They hired me anyway for their elopement in Zion and I was blown away by how much fun we had!!! We started the day with a sunrise hike to the Zion Canyon Overlook where they said their vows and fellow hikers cheered them on. We then went back to Under Canvas Zion to take a nap, eat lunch, and relax before going out again at sunset for a beautiful charcuterie style picnic! After seeing the most epic moon rise and the stars started coming out, we all set down our cameras and had some s’mores over a bonfire. I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am for them deciding that a videographer was the way to go! These music edits are so fun for me to get creative with and this was overall the best day ever!!

"The Stars in Zion"

This wedding was special for so many reasons... from having their baby just a few months prior, moving into their new home THE WEEK OF THEIR WEDDING, and having so many fun and unique things on the day of such as having petal canons go off as they walked back down the aisle, Kennah arriving at the ceremony in an old Mercedes, to a black and white candlelit dinner setting. This wedding was one for the books and I'm truly overjoyed to have been the one to document it! Congrats again to Mr. and Mrs. Loper!

"We Did Everything Backwards"

Anna & Gio's sunrise elopement at Tamanawas Falls in Mt. Hood, OR was absolutely breathtaking! I was lucky enough to have a couple that trusted my vision and allowed me to try some new things with their video. Essentially, I wanted people to hear and see what it feels like to get up THIS EARLY to start getting ready for not only a wedding day but a hike to a waterfall. Everyone was tired and hungover and yet, the family banter and smiles were evident. This was also my first try at incorporating a nostalgic super 8 film to achieve that "family home video vibe" while also making it professional and bringing in my "Alesia Films" editing style. I hope everyone enjoys this video because I love these guys so much and they've completely made me rethink how I want to run my business and make future videos! 

"4:46 AM"

This Oregon Vineyard elopement had to replan and move their venue due to COVID multiple times, but not once did they falter for the idea of not being married on August 15th, 2020. They shared with me the journey of their relationship throughout the years... all the vacations, college memories, their religious journey, and all of the small wonderful moments -- that are now incorporated into their wedding video!! Addie, Mitchel and I worked together to make their video something they can look back on so they know how far they've come before they were married as well as moments of their wedding day. Addie & Mitch, thank you guys again for being the sweetest and down to earth couple! 

"Past, Present, Future" 

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