After many years in the industry, we felt the demand for better education for wedding professionals. We learned first-hand how struggling it is to get started, build a brand and business that align with who we are and be EXACTLY what we needed to level up and serve our clients.

That's why we made genuine education, guides, templates and more with things we personally wished we had when we started our journey. We're cheering you on for furthering your business!

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Education + more

Poeta LUTS

Inspired by whimsical film colors and dreamy weddings, Poeta LUTS are designed to be bright and vivid while achieving that soft cinematic film look we love. 

Created by Alesia Films, this pack includes 5 LUTS total. Three in color and two in black and white. Each one designed to achieve different temperatures, different tones, and be transformative for all LOG --> Rec709 footage shot in most camera systems. 



The Super 8mm Course


This is a self-paced course that allows you to learn the technical ins and outs of Super 8 cameras, Super 8 film rolls and the basics of incorporating Super 8 into your pricing, marketing and branding. This film medium helps wedding photographers + videographers get re-inspired to learn how to shoot emotion in a more creative and nostalgic way.

It'll leave you feeling confident in your Super 8 filmmaking abilities to deliver a one of a kind, authentic, vintage film to your couples and family shoots.


Virtual Mentorships

What topics can we discuss?
No topics are off the table! We can discuss anything from how to get started as a Wedding Videographer, Gear set up, Marketing strategies, my Client experience workflow, Instagram tools, Editing techniques, Color-grading, Website branding, Blogging, Dubsado workflows, and SEO. Any questions you have, I'll answer!

What does this look like?
I send over a questionnaire form before our zoom call so you can lay out all of the questions you want answered during our video chat. Then, we'll share screens and take a deep look into your business and answer those Q's. At the end, we'll make goals on what to do next so you leave the call feeling encouraged and ready to take more action! 

Is this just for videographers?
I’ve helped more photographers getting into video actually! I love helping my fellow filmmakers, but it definitely isn't limited to just them! 

What systems do you use?
I use Sony camera bodies and I edit and color grade all within Final Cut Pro.

If all of this aligns with what you’re looking for, then let’s bring your business to the next level and set up a time together!

- @bygraymedia

As a photographer wanting to get into videography, my brain is wired differently when I have a camera in my hands. In a matter of minutes, Alesia broke down the concepts and pieced it all together for me from a photographer was like lightbulbs went off in my head! If you’re looking to level up your business & skill set, AND have a ton of fun while you’re at it, you need this mentorship!!!

"Learning from Alesia was like learning from a friend!!"

Alesia’s fun, bubbly personality made the call not only EXTREMELY educational but also incredibly fun! Starting out in the videography business can be extremely hard, so finding a mentor willing to share their knowledge truly showed me that Alesia wants to see everyone grow, learn, and reach their highest potential. I can’t thank her enough and will be reaching out again for another session. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

“Extremely educational but also incredibly fun!"

- @maggiereillyfilms

I struggled with the mindful strategy behind how to get my ideal clients in front of me. Alesia gave me soooooo much actionable info on how to make sure my website specifically ranks well with Google and gets in front of the eyes I want it to, intentionally. I feel sooo pumped to get to work with all of the tools she gave me. They're literal nuggets of gold!!!

“Alesia gave me so much actionable info!"

- @moonandwolfco

If you are looking into videography and don't know where to start.. BOOK A MENTORSHIP WITH ALESIA! I can't thank her enough for being so open and helpful with starting Video. She answered all my questions and as a visual learner, she was able to share screens with me which was very helpful. She's very honest, fun, and knows what she's talking about! You will NOT regret It!


- @savinawelch_photography

Not only did Alesia build confidence in my potential as a wedding videographer, she answered all my questions and THEN some. With the extra time we had at the end of our call, she started going through my website and gave me so many helpful recommendations. It's clear she spent considerable time preparing for our call and I feel a renewed sense of creativity and drive to keep chasing the dream of elopement and intimate wedding videography - - like dannnng, I got this. Thanks, Alesia!

"I feel a renewed sense of creativity!"

- @selfobsessedmellenial

First off, Alesia makes you feel like her friend, while she is educating you on your weaknesses she is also making it feel like a conversation and NOT a lecture. I was absolutely terrified of shooting in flat, and the thought of adding audio was also scary, but she made me feel confident in my capabilities to add these skills into my videos! She made sure I kept up with her and now I know my business is going to thrive! I seriously cannot wait to book my next mentorship with Alesia in a couple of months!


- @hannahlondonphotography

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Just for you 

This is where I get all of my music!! Easy download and licensing for each song. Offers a variety of playlists and genres making it simple to find what I need! 

And if you can't find the right song? You can personally reach out to Musicbed to do the searching for you! How cool is that right?! This saves me so much time for finding the right song for my wedding films. 

My current favorite artists:
CHPTRS, Prince of Spain, & The Walters can all be found on Musicbed!

I wish I did this sooner in my business. Being organized with money and taxes is just so relieving and I can't believe I didn't do this from the get-go.

Quickbooks is a simple system to organize your finances, track your income, expenses and file quarterly taxes on time.

By signing up through here, you'll get up to 50% off AND a bonus $50 visa gift card holllaaaaa!! 

Pro8mm is who I trust every single time to process and scan all of my super 8mm footage!

They have excellent customer service, fast turnaround times and a high quality scan with every roll. 

Overall, they have the most unbeatable prices to bundle your super 8 rolls with processing and scanning. It's allowed our business to include super 8 for every wedding!