Super 8mm Course


"Romanticize your business again"

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This course will not only break down all the buttons on your camera, but it'll also give you some shooting pointers, walk you through 5 different film rolls in EVERY kind of lighting, how to travel with film, how to get it processed and scanned at a lab (Pro8mm), how to edit Super 8 short films and social media edits (Final Cut Pro), how to price super 8 packages and add-ons, how to market super 8 videography into your current business and pricing guides, and even a FREE copy of the exact Super 8 clause in my contract to protect you legally incase the worst happens! 


This course will make you want to "romanticize" your business again. You'll start to bring your super 8 for every shoot, wedding, party, and your own life events. You'll get re-inspired to learn how to shoot emotion in a more creative, nostalgic way, that all of your couples and clients want out of their films. It'll turn your business into that lovey-dovey, film driven, cinematic magic we all want! 

This is a self-paced course that allows you to stop, shop, and pull out those old cameras to re-invent your business with. It'll add value to your current packages and help you shoot with more intention on some of the most special and memorable days of our client's lives. 



What it's all about

Attract those film-loving clients!

99% of our inquiries mention our Super 8 work and how much they love and want it in their own wedding films. It took years to get us to this point, but with the Super 8mm Course marketing + branding tools, this could be you in no time! 


"Take it from them!"

what the course will cover:

The camera basics - terms, loading film, reading your viewfinder, batteries, focus, aperture, etc. 

Shooting pointers, travel tips and general care advice

Understanding which film roll to use in different lighting situations

A walkthrough of the process, scan and development from pro8mm

Editing super 8 short films and social media edits in final cut pro

marketing + pricing super 8 film packages into your business

a free copy of my super 8 clause in my contract to protect you legally

This course also comes with an invite to a small Facebook group community. There, you can share your films and ask other super 8 videographers for help and feedback with your films.


IG LIVE xx Pro8mm 

A big thank you! and what we asked on live!

You just had to be there

Thank you again to Jaclyn & Phil, the father daughter team who own and run the Pro8mm lab in California for getting on LIVE with us, showing us the behind the scenes at the lab and for answering all of our questions!

Questions asked on LIVE: 
From when you receive a roll to how you deliver, what does the general process look like?

What's the difference between Reversal and Negative film?

What's the difference in Codecs?

What does your color correction process look like?

Can you describe pushing and pulling and when you'd recommend to push/pull your film?

Is there any advice you have for someone who has found an old super 8 camera?

What are your best care tips for Super 8 cameras?