A traveling wedding videographer  based in Oregon!

I’m Alesia!

Why I love what I do! 

Hi there, I'm Alesia! 

I'm an Oregon based destination videographer with a seasoned eye for cinematic storytelling, I intricately weave emotions into every frame, transforming moments into timeless narratives.

I consider every film a collaborative effort – from professional ease and care on the day of all the way to delivering your dream wedding film. 

To create artistic wedding films inspired by the couple's story. 

My main goal as your filmmaker is to let your moment be yours. Capturing your essence in the most candid, thoughtful and atmospheric intention is what weddings and any big life moments are all about. 

This is why I love shooting on vintage film. It captures the soul. It ignites emotions and feeling into your films. It brings a beautiful nostalgic dreaminess to a modern world of cinematography that makes people view in wondrous awe. 


Film Era

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Combining my travel film style to wedding films filled with laughter, happy tears, nature and culture -- is what makes films come alive.

When couples choose a place for it's beauty or for it's special connection, we get to feel that through film. We get to re-live these experiences in a cinematic video that transports you back to the splashing waves of the Almalfi coast, the birds singing in the PNW forests or the wind chill of Iceland's gorge. 

As someone who's throwing our own destination wedding, we get it! Your destination wedding film will focus on that love and adventure to a new world that will be your most precious memory forever. 

adventure to a place of meaning

Travel Era

A storyteller for love, travel and connection.

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"To my fellow filmmakers and photographers who've entrusted me to educate them on the real + genuine experiences I've learned being in this industry, thank you. 

It's given me a chance to put my psychology and education degree at work. It's given me a chance to connect with so many of you through workshops, mentorships and digital products. And finally, it's made this entrepenurial journey worth it. 

The community we've built from our courses facebook groups and beyond social media have been the best memories from this career.

I only want to keep striving for more genuine teachings and be that fellow bestie for you all to connect and grow with.

Thank you for all your support in all of my business endeavors. xoxo."

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