A traveling wedding videographer  based in Oregon!

I’m Alesia!

Why I love what I do! 

Hi there, I'm Alesia! 

I'm an Oregon based videographer who loves crafting a memorable experience and film for couple's on their wedding days. 

My sole dedication is to get to know every single one of my clients and provide a positive BFF energy to the planning process. The goal is to create a fun yet comfortable presence with the camera on the day of so our final film to you is nothing but your true, beautiful souls connecting with your loved ones. 

To create artistic wedding films inspired by the couple's story. 

My main goal as your filmmaker is to let your moment be yours. Capturing your essence in the most candid, thoughtful and atmospheric intention is what weddings and any big life moments are all about. 

This is why I love shooting on vintage film. It captures the soul. It ignites emotions and feeling into your films. It brings a beautiful nostalgic dreaminess to a modern world of cinematography that makes people view in wondrous awe. 


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Growing up, my family didn't have much money to travel. In fact, the farthest we ever went were trips to the Oregon Coast.

So when I turned 18, I worked at a coffee shop and saved tips for a whole year to afford a 2 week backpacking trip around Italy. I took over a thousand photos and videos on just my cellphone! On the flight home, I stitched together a makeshift video and shared it online.

This sparked a whole passion of crafting fast-paced travel documentary films. Today, I've filmed videos around Europe, Southeast Asia, Mexico and Hawaii! My favorite places ended up being anywhere tropical, warm and adventurous! 

Finally, in 2018, my mom asked me to make her a video from my iPhone on the day of her wedding! It was a challenge, but I was able to pull it off despite being a bridesmaid too! First hand, I got to experience the importance of why video is such a powerful memory. The emotion in the audio and music that transports us back to my mom's wedding day is something I cherish and love about videography.

Since then, I fell in love with capturing those memories for other couples. I get so excited for couples to have a wedding film that makes them feel like they're reliving that day over and over. 

How it began

A storyteller for love, travel and connection.

Combining my travel film style to wedding films filled with laughter, happy tears, nature and culture -- is what makes films come alive.

When couples choose a place for it's beauty or for it's special connection, we get to feel that through film. We get to re-live these experiences in a cinematic video that transports you back to the splashing waves of the Almalfi coast, the birds singing in the PNW forests or the wind chill of Iceland's gorge. 

As someone who's throwing our own destination wedding, we get it! Your destination wedding film will focus on that love and adventure to a new world that will be your most precious memory forever. 

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