Your PNW extraordinaire who loves exploring and making elopement films!

I’m Alesia!

For me, it's helping couples realize that their day is about them and ONLY them. Creating a video that is completely dedicated to the couple, their story, and doing the things they love to do is such a fun way to really get to know and understand them more authentically.  Especially when we get to explore and adventure in a new place together!

Showing people how easy and fun their wedding day can be is the best part of my job!

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Our couples get to focus on one thing—how happy they are to get married. And we fell in love with capturing THAT moment! And if we can help couples realize this by sharing more videos of couples adventure eloping and/or getting married in beautiful destinations, then we can all get back to the most important thing—how much you love your person. 

I'm dedicated to changing the industry to be more about true, raw, and authentic love. And living in the Pacific North West and backpacking around Asia and Europe made me realize that weddings can be authentic experiences based around the love of adventure and activity. I wanted to create films that felt natural because our couples are doing something they already LOVE to do. And on the most beautiful and romantic day of their lives! I believe in films that tell real stories and real emotions. 

How it began...

Growing up, my family didn't have much money to travel. In fact, the farthest we ever went were trips to the Oregon Coast. So when I turned 18, I worked at a coffee shop and saved up my tips for a whole year to afford a 2 week backpacking trip around Italy. I took over a thousand photos and videos on just my cellphone! On the flight home, I stitched together a music video and shared it online. This sparked a whole passion of making travel documentary films that showcase the culture and candid experiences I would have. Even during college where I was studying toward a Psychology and Education degree, I was consistently traveling around Asia, Mexico and Hawaii! My favorite places being anything tropical, warm and adventurous! 

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Then 4 years ago, my mom, a fellow wedding photographer, asked if I was interested in making wedding films. At first, I was hesitant from the pressure to provide such an important film to someone's big day, but once I did it, I fell in LOVE! Today, I love combining my travel film style to a wedding video that tells a unique love story filled with laughter, happy tears and genuine connection.  

And what's even better? 
My mom and I get to travel together to places as a family photo/video package! Now my travel dreams growing up are coming true and I could not be more grateful. Need a photographer? Check her out!

When we’re not adventuring with our couples, you can find us location scouting around the PNW for potential elopement spots, catching sunsets on the beach, and eating at our favorite food trucks in Portland!