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happy tears. The in-between moments. The deep belly giggles and intertwined fingers. let's make a film where we remember these moments in your heart and hands, forever. 

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I'm your videographer if...

You wish to support a small business that emphasizes on client experience.

You trust in the artistic process and turnaround time to give you a one of a kind film that is PERSONAL & MAGICAL.

You're a laidback soul who loves travel and spontaneous adventure.

You have a love for vintage and timeless movies on ol' film cameras ;)

We've helped couples build fun itineraries/timelines of their day that's full of the activities they love, we suggest our favorite vendors and we help decide location spots for getting ready, the first look, sunset, dinner, etc. Anything beyond this, you will need to hire additional vendors which we can recommend <3

Do you help plan our elopement?

This is our favorite question and the answer is NO! You don’t have to be a mountain climbing, kayaking, camping expert to elope! Elopements can be anything you want them to be, the world is seriously your oyster! Whether it be at a downtown local music festival, in an art museum, in your backyard, or even across the world, elopements are open to the imagination. The most important thing, is that it feels 1000% you.

Are elopements only for outdoorsy couples? 

Elopement films start at $5500.
Wedding films start at $6500.
Photography starts at $450 (we do not offer wedding photography)
Mentorship Calls start at $399.
Please fill out the form above to get an exact quote! :)

What are your starting rates? 

The travel fee is included in the invoice and will be ONE charge to cover the following: flights, rental cars, gas, meals, and accommodation for x amount of days. We are based in Portland, OR. 

How do you charge for travel fees? 

Photography and videography are vastly different. In order to make the most of each beautiful art medium, we suggest hiring a videographer and a photographer for your wedding day. Thankfully, we can recommend our favorite photographers we love to work next to!

Does this mean you can’t DO PHOTO TOO? 

We believe in making each video different and unique - just like our couples! Our turnaround time for elopement and wedding films is 3-6 months. 

What is your turnaround time? 

Raw footage are events in your day that you would like the uncut video of. Since highlight films are only snippets of your vows, snippets of your dances, snippets of the toasts, etc. we can make additional videos that show that entire event for a small add-on price. Each event is priced differently. When you inquire through the contact form, you’ll receive a raw footage pricing sheet as well so you can pick and choose, if any, which raw footage you’d like to add. 

What is raw footage? 

Each couple who books us for an elopement or wedding will receive a digital download of their film to their email as soon as it’s ready. Then, you will be mailed a custom engraved USB drive with your highlight film and any raw footage videos you’ve purchased to your doorstep.

How do you deliver our video(s)? 

Questions people asked before saying "hell yes"