Wedding Video Guide Template

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This Wedding Guide Video Template is only available through Canva. We believe Canva is the most user-friendly option for people starting out and you only need the FREE membership account to open and customize this template.

This copy-filled template is fully customizable and is designed to be clear and comprehensible for your clients. Every videographer runs their ceremony setup differently, has their own go-to prompts, and has a unique approach to education. Let this guide be the holy grail for which your clients refer to, rather than having them ask you again and again about your process over email, texts, calls, and DMs.

This template is MEANT TO BE CUSTOMIZED to fit your unique brand and wedding videography business! The copy provided in this template is a base for you to build on, cutting the time it takes to make a fully designed educational resource for your clients. We highly suggest you go in and make it sound like your voice, your brand, and YOUR unique process of how you film a wedding day!

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"This is the first Guide I've ever seen that's directed towards videographers. It’s jam packed with so much useful information to help prepare your couples to have the best video outcome. It goes through music choices, an engagement timeline, and SO MUCH MORE. It’s going to make you look like an expert in your field and it’s also so beautiful. I also love that it’s on Canva because it’s so easy to match your brand with. Cannot recommend this Guide enough. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!! "


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"I’ve struggled to make guides on my own, and many other templates are just a blank canvas. Not with Alesia’s guide!!! This template is SO informational and has everything that you’d want to give your couples before their wedding day. A lot of it is even useful for photographers too, and I’ve already convinced a couple friends to snag this baby as well!! So go smash that Add to Cart button and get this thing out to your couples!!!”

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"They are user-friendly, filled with so much detail, and overall just BEAUTIFUL! I see a lot of templates where they just have a really cool design and it's up to you to figure out the rest, but these guides come with copy and are tailored specifically towards your client's experience. Alesia went above and beyond including topics that are not in any other guide I've seen. I would recommend this guide to all videographers!"

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This Wedding Video Guide Template is meant for Wedding Videographers! It comes with:

Ready-to-go copy
Built-in design for easy navigation and readability
A Table of Contents page
How to Hire Vendors section
Music & Copyright suggestions
A Prompting Guide!
An Engagement Timeline to help your clients plan and prepare for their day, which helps you give them a great wedding video
A customizable Ceremony Graphic to show clients how you set up your equipment for ceremonies!
Day-Of Wedding Tips
FAQs section covering your turnaround time and delivery
A Call to Action page for your clients to leave raving reviews!
Storage tips for clients to preserve their video files