Let me guess, you’re recently engaged (eeek congrats!!) and wondering the best way to capture your big day forever? You have come to the right place! I’m sharing 4 reasons why hiring a wedding videographer is going to be the thing your future self (and all your family) is forever thankful for. 

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Welcome friend!

My name is Alesia and I’m a destination wedding videographer based in Portland, Oregon, USA! I have shot over 100 weddings and adventure elopements all over the world and it is truly a dream come true. I absolutely love getting to create such a meaningful keepsake to remember one of the biggest days of your life.

Reason #1: To have no regrets

Most couple’s biggest regret after their wedding is not splurging on the videographer.

Wouldn’t it be so fun to go back in time and relive marrying your best friend!? That’s what video allows you to do. When you hire a wedding videographer, they capture not just the memory of the day but how it felt. With a professional video, you can go back to that day and hear your vows again, your grandma’s laugh and your wedding party cheer you on. You can literally watch the waves crash behind you at your ceremony or the jump into your partner’s arms at your first dance. It’s every movement and sound unfolded into a time capsule film you can cherish forever.

Should you hire both a photographer and a videographer?

Maybe you’re on the fence because you already have a photographer. Rest assured, there are benefits for hiring both a photographer and videographer. When you hire both, you’ll be getting two very different pieces of art captured on your day that are both beautiful and unique.

First, your photographer will gift you amazing images and maybe even an album you can flip through for years to come. Heck yes.

On the other hand, your videographer will make you a film that allows you to hear laughter from your loved ones, see the happy tears run down your face, and watch the full embrace of the celebratory hugs after your ceremony. Double heck yes.

Photos and videos are very different, but as you can tell, sound and movement is what makes video so worth it in our opinion. Being able to feel your memories through videography will transport you right back to your wedding day.

see for yourself here!!

Reason #2: To have that vintage, romantic film of your dreams.

Imagine you’re sitting on the couch, holding the soft, wrinkly hands of your spouse rewatching your wedding film from 50 years ago. It’s a silent film. There’s no noise except for the two of you gasping and laughing as you watch the emotions of the day fill the screen of all your loved ones celebrating the two of you.

Super 8 film has that effect on people. It’s the imperfections of the hair, dust and jitter we’ve all learned to love from old movies. We think of childhood memories and young love. Today, some modern wedding videographer professionals have implemented film into their business, re-sparking the imaginative silent films into a whole new creative art form.

We capture only the best candid moments on our old super 8mm film cameras so we can get that epic and emotional visual with your wedding video. The use of super 8mm film gives you that vintage, romantic, Christmas movie by a fireplace kind of feeling when watching it back.

Check out this Super 8mm short film for Nicole and Steven’s destination wedding in Cabo, Mexico!

Super 8 film gives you the ‘WOW!’ factor

Super 8 footage mixed into your wedding video is such a special way to save and remember your day for the years to come. You’ll be connected to the past while incorporating the modernness of today. To get an idea of how we mesh these two beautiful mediums together, watch this wedding video from Piper and Hillary’s elopement in Tamanawas Falls, Oregon. Being able to mix the two brings that nostalgic but modern feel we’re talking about! 

Why you need to hire a videographer with a super 8mm camera

Super 8mm film has a certain power to evoke emotion. You know when you watch an old family video or even an old film on tv, and the lack of sound effects forces you to pay attention to the emotions of the people a little more? Like, you can feel the vine and the energy of whatever is happening? That’s what I’m talking about! Super 8 film brings you back to a moment in time. 

And only a handful of professional wedding videographers have super 8mm cameras who have mastered this art form. Just having the camera isn’t enough. You want someone who clearly knows the right moments to capture on film vs. digital.

Reason #3: to share your video with loved one’s who couldn’t make it

It’s one thing to share the photos online with those who couldn’t make it to the wedding, but why not do them one better? When you share your wedding film to those who couldn’t make it, we guarantee you’ll get reactions like “wow! It really feels like we’re there!” and “you two had such an amazing day, this looked like so much fun,” etc! And this goes back to the reason of your wedding film having your speeches, vows, officiant’s words and other pieces of audio throughout your film that makes you feel like you’re there.

Reason #4: to share on social media!

If you’re big on social media like we are (follow us @alesiafilms if you haven’t already!), then you know that Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest and Facebook are all video lovers now. If you’re a dancing queen, trend-following, social media kind-of couple, then hiring a videographer is a must! Think of the amount of content you can imagine from your wedding day footage….. and times it by x100. You’ll be so thankful for someone helping you document and edit all of your epic wedding day videos for you to re-share on all of your social media platforms! Especially that classic roast your groomsmen gave you even when you told him not to… (we love a funny groomsmen speech on Tiktok hehe!)

And if social media isn’t your jam, that’s cool too! Most couple’s don’t share their full films, but rather just little moments from their day.

Not hiring a videographer is almost every newlywed’s biggest regret. So that’s why we say videography is an investment in your future. To rewatch your film every year on your anniversary, or later down the road with your children, is something you know you’ll cherish when those moments come. So start researching some awesome videographers in your area, or go with the best in the biz who specializes in that vintage super 8mm art and contact us @alesiafilms!

When to hire a wedding videographer

Now that we see how meaningful it is to have a wedding film, let’s talk about when to hire your wedding videographer. Many videographers, including us, are booked out 1-2 years in advance. (we currently have availability for next year and the following year! Click here to book!) The best rule of thumb is to start your search as soon as possible. The desired date is all the info we need. If you have your venue picked out, even better, but we can also assist in the search if you’re looking for a fun adventure destination! 

The reason you want to start right away is that your wedding videographer actually becomes a big part of the planning process! We want to make sure you have everything you need for a smooth wedding day and we have everything we need to make the most beautiful video. This entails that when you book us, you’ll receive our unique Wedding Video Guide. It guides you with how to write personal and meaningful vows, shows you how we set up our equipment for your ceremony and reception, helps educate you with music selection and copyright, and more. 

You can also check out this adventure elopement who really utilized their wedding video guide and our expertise with picking their locations and itinerary of their day!

We helped these two plan their entire elopement!

What to expect when you book with us!

4 Reasons to Hire a Super 8 mm Wedding Videographer and what to expect | Alesia Films

So, you know you want a wedding videographer- you reach out and want to book with us (YAAAY!) What next!? Don’t worry, I gotcha!

The first step is to fill out our contact form here. Then, you’ll receive an email letting you know we got it and we’ll get back to you with a link to book a video call. I love to meet my couples face to face so we can get to know each other and chat about the ultimate wedding video vision! After that call, I’ll send over a proposal with custom packages that reflect your vision. After you choose a package, sign the contract, and pay the invoice retainer (payment plans are available!), we’ll be official!! 

Then, we hit planning mode. I’ll send over my wedding video guide with all the info you need to help plan your day. Then, we’ll set up more zoom calls to go over the specific wedding video questionnaire to make sure we’re all on the same page with what you’re envisioning. Finally, we meet and hug in person and have the best wedding day ever capturing your love! 

Once the wedding is signed, sealed, and delivered, you can expect a 3-6 month turnaround with your unique film. We hand-make every box and deliver it via email with an engraved USB drive so you have both a digital download to post, and some physical memorabilia to store.

Don’t regret it

Think 30 years from now, when you watch this video with your family… Everyone laughing by the TV, wiping away happy tears, and maybe even some comments like, “wow! Mom and Dad are so cute?!” 

By hiring a wedding videographer, you are gifting your future self the ability to relive all those memories with your loved ones. It’s an investment that you can’t go wrong with and won’t regret. I can almost guarantee it! 😉 So, whether it’s an outdoor ceremony and a sparkler after party with pizza and friends, an intimate elopement atop a waterfall cliff, or an adventure vow exchange in Thailand (read my guide if this is your thing!), we’re right there with you to celebrate and capture your unique love in a way that will live on forever. Click below and let’s get you married! 

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