As a mentor to other aspiring videographers, I get asked frequently what gear I recommend. So to make it easier to find, here’s my one-stop shop for you to build your own filming/videographer kit for weddings and elopements! Here’s the full breakdown of my filming gear for weddings and elopements!

Here’s a quick link to all the gear in ONE PLACE!

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Filming Gear for Venue Weddings

This list is for all the stuff I bring with me to big party weddings! Venue weddings require more equipment like lightstands, spotlights, tripods, etc. which then requires more bags as well! Click the links below to get taken directly to the product on Amazon!

Heavy-Duty Carrying Case: Pelican Black 1510 (with no foam)

TrekPak Divider System for Pelican 1510

Lights Bag

The Camera: Sony A7S III

Secondary Camera: Sony A7R III

The Lens: Zeiss 50mm f/1.4

Zoom Lens: G Master 24-70mm

The Harness

On-Camera Mic

Main Audio Recorder

In addition to my Rode mic, I typically will record some audio individually — whether that’s the ceremony, speeches at the reception, or when the couple exchanges their vows in private. You can check out how exactly I record my couples’ audio here.

Skinny Backup Recorder

SD Cards

Camera Batteries

The Tripod


Spotlight Batteries

Spotlight Stands

Sandbag Weights

Mic Sleeves

On-Camera Light

My Gear for Adventure Elopements!

This gear list is a more minimal version of the list above. I usually narrow it down to the one backpack with my 2 camera bodies, 2 lenses, harness, audio gear and small accessories like batteries and cleaning wipes! This is where I bring my lightweight tripod as well, as compared to my heavy-duty one for venue weddings. The distance I might be traveling for adventure elopements makes it so that a lightweight tripod is a MUST!

Travel Backpack

LightWeight Tripod

Wind Covers for the Lav Mic

Camera Bag: Accessories


Pro-Mist Filter (82mm size)

Wooden Hangers


Headshot of travel elopement filmmaker

PHEW! So now you know the top items I carry in my camera kit! As a result, it gives my clients the best, nostalgic & sentimental film while adding my own creative elements into it. If you’re interested in a one-on-one mentorship with me, or you’re a couple looking to book me for your big day, feel free to contact me here!

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