I let the bridesmaids decide the bachelorette theme and they came up with: James Bond!

Bridal Shower Theme Outfits

I thought this was perfect since my fiance’s name is James and all the girls didn’t have to go out and purchase silly costumes they were only going to wear once. They wore black leather, shades and comfy shoes to dance all night long in. Whereas I rocked a sparkly sequin dress from Lucy in the Sky and a white blazer from Aritzia. I’m not a heels gal so the most comfy shoe I could find to give me that heel look were these cute leather booties from Steve Madden.

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Portland Bachelorette Locations

Another thing I let the girls decide: the places to go out on Friday night!

For our Portland Bachelorette, we had dinner at the airbnb – which was this beautiful home with large glass windows and high-ceilinged bedrooms! For our night out, we started at Export in the Pearl district which had a moody atmosphere and really good tequila shots! Then, we took an Uber to Jackies for some dancing!

Portland Airbnb for Bachelorette

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This Portland Airbnb for the bachelorette weekend was perfect. We had an excellent stay and loved how stocked the kitchen was. The airbnb had a pool table, game room and fun-themed rooms. We also had a perfect living room area for our game night!

Bachelorette Memories on 35mm Film

Portland Bachelorette at Jackies

Probably the most memorable night of the whole weekend was our time at Jackies! Let’s just say the bouncer was really nice to not kick us out hahaha!

Portland Hangover Spots

For our Saturday morning hangover cure, we went to Knot Springs for a wellness spa experience and followed it with breakfast at Brix Tavern. Then, for our Saturday night at the Airbnb, we stayed inside and did a really fun game night with a ton of Asian snacks from Uwajimaya!

Looking for ideas for your bestie’s Portland Bachelorette weekend?! We hope this helped! Leave a comment below for any questions. Or, if you threw your own bachelorette and want to help out others, suggest more places to check out!

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