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James and I are having a dream destination wedding this fall of 2023, and with my fully-packed wedding season in the summer + fall, we decided to have our bridal shower and bachelorette weekend in the spring. We also decided to keep it in Portland and we hired my most trusted vendors which made the whole shower so much more elevated and easy on me as the bride!

I also shot my own super 8mm video of my bridal shower! Scroll down to find it under the Film Gallery!

Portland Bridal Shower Vendors

The dream team and my most trusted vendor friends made this day as magical as it could possibly be. If you’re throwing a bridal shower in Portland, hire these vendors!

Vendor Team

Film Videography @alesiafilms 


Plan + Design

Florals + Drapery @novellatheoryfloral

Venue @cream.creativespace

Rentals @ardeneventcollective

Stationary @courtingcalligraphy

Charcuterie @sprig.and.spread

Custom Cookies @deliciousartcookies

Custom Event Wall @champagnewallpdx

Hair Styling @allhailsbeauty

Bridal Attire @nadinemerabi @nadinemerabibridal

On Cloud Wine theme

Our theme “On Cloud Wine” is a play on words from a popular theme going around: “On Cloud Nine.”

My original idea for my bridal shower was to host it at a winery and do a full wine-tasting but because of the time of year in Portland, vineyards wouldn’t be blooming. I also knew I would want a space we can totally deck out with decor. Therefore, I chose a studio space I’ve rented out multiple times and absolutely adore for its clean white walls and comfy furniture: @cream.creativespace

Going off of an all-white theme, I googled “How to make cotton clouds” and found that simply hot gluing polyester stuffing on paper lanterns will achieve that look. It created a lot of texture in the room and made the perfect heavenly touch as if we were all walking through the clouds.

I’ve never seen anyone do this particular name for their bridal shower. It was something I did makeup on my own, and I’m lowkey proud of it. Combining my love for charcuterie boards, wine tasting, and an all-white theme, it was an easy decision to come to.

Bridal Shower Details

Some of the bridal shower details I absolutely adored:

  • A cloud charm on every champagne glass for the welcome wall from Etsy. As well as a little bit of white cotton candy on top.
  • Cloud themed swizzle sticks from this Etsy store!
  • The Cloud Eau de Parfum from @arianagrande gives the studio a welcoming fragrance.
  • The custom sugar cookies looked too good to eat but ended up being absolutely delicious from @deliciousartcookies .
  • Last but not least, the white clouds hanging above and sitting in the corner, hot glued together for 6 hours the day before by me, my sister, James and my future SIL šŸ¤ā˜ļø

Other shoutouts: my cloud-themed nails (I got pink press-on nails at Ulta and then painted the clouds myself with white nail polish from Essie) my hair styling from @allhailsbeauty and a custom Polaroid guest book from this Etsy seller: šŸ“– (not shown)

All of these things are being held captive in my Petite Keep Wedding Trunk at home and Iā€™m so so glad everything turned out how it did.

On Cloud Wine Details

Bridal Shower Polaroids, 35mm Film + Super 8mm Film

As a film videographer, I knew I wanted to bring all of the film cameras! Here are my favorite shots from the Instax Mini Evo, my Olympus Epic 80 Zoom 35mm Film and my Canon 514 Super 8 camera!

The official Super 8mm film

Shot on Kodak 250D from Pro8mm

On Cloud Wine Bridal Shower Gallery

Here are my favorite wide shots of the space. All photos taken by my lovely photographer bestie and future bridesmaid:

Guest dress code: “Something Blue”

I’m still not sure if I’m going to incorporate anything blue on our wedding day, so incorporating this color into the bridal shower made sense! With the cloud theme, I told the ladies to wear blue so it looks like the ~sky~. Clever? Maybe?! Did it look good? Absolutely.

Bridal Shower Theme Dress

Again, with the cloud theme, I knew I wanted something with feathers! I found the perfect dress from @nadinemerabibridal that fit me like a glove. Whereas James just came dressed to impress with an outfit complete from Zara. These photos of us will be cherished forever!

Loved this bridal shower theme?! Leave a comment below and get ready for our next blog post: The Bachelorette!

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