We’re going to see so much personality in the 2024 Wedding Trends! Classic decor exploding with colorful florals, new twists to the Garden-Party era aesthetic and bridesmaid dresses we’ve never seen. 2024 wedding trends are going to be a year where couple’s really step forward in their own unique style and personalities while keeping their guests front of mind. We can’t wait to see it all unfold!

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My name is Alesia and I’m a destination luxury wedding filmmaker that specializes in vintage super 8mm film. Our editing aesthetic is “Modern Romance with a Vintage Twist” and we’ve been featured in Vogue Magazine, Wedding Chicks, Rock and Roll Bride and more.

There’s nothing we love more than couples who are so giddy to marry the love of their life who also appreciate cinematic film as part of their memorabilia.

If you haven’t found a wedding videographer for your special day yet, look no further than Alesia Films!

Luxury Wedding Filmmaker 2024

We’re based in Portland, Oregon and we love crafting a memorable experience and film for couple’s on their wedding days. 

Our sole dedication is to get to know every single one of our clients and provide a positive BFF energy to the planning process. The goal is to create a fun yet comfortable presence with the camera on the day of so our final film to you is nothing but your true, beautiful souls connecting with your loved ones. 

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2024 Bridal Trends – Wedding Dresses

Whether you’re a destination bride at a beachy resort wedding or a classic minimalist bride looking for something modern and new, we’ve been eyeing these dresses that are going to look fabulous on our 2024 brides!

2024 Wedding Dress Trend #1: Lattice and Lace Details

To begin, we’re starting off strong with some new release styles for those destination brides. Lattice and Lace is getting a sexy debut over at Galia Lahav. Inspired by Whitney Simmon’s 2023 Cabo, Mexico wedding, her dress was a showstopper! Undeniably, we’re sure a lot of our 2024 brides are going to look at that deep plunge and intimate, silhouette detail for their ultimate 2024 wedding dress inspiration!

2024 Wedding Dress Trend #2: Minimalist Classic Bride

We love these pops of detail in these classic, minimalist gowns. Specifically, for the modern bride looking for something with just a little “bling” or “unique-ness” to their simple gown, Watters Designs will blow you away!

2024 Wedding Floral Trend: Single Florals

A trend we’ve been loving in the floral industry is the use of a single floral throughout the whole design. The concept is focused on shape rather than variety and the use of one single color. Given that, this gives a wow factor to any venue and makes the overall aesthetic more luxury looking.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is one of those wedding floral trends that can be done for DIY budget weddings, and then turned around and used with upscale celebrity weddings. Altogether, this flower can give a cloud-like design we love for that modern black and white wedding!


A fuschia floral has entered the chat! We are obsessing over Stephanie at Flower Disco with her vibrant color designs. She did a bright and non-traditional color to this Spanish venue and gave it LIFE as we know it. Her philosophy with florals is to NOT play safe and be true to your own colorful personality.

Single Stem Bouquets

Some brides might be asking, “what is a single stem bouquet?” A single stem bouquet is exactly how it sounds, it’s a single flower that you and/or your bridesmaids hold instead of a full arrangement styled bouquet of florals.

In essence, we’ve seen weddings do the traditional single stem for their bridesmaids whereas the bride has a traditional bouquet, and some do all single stems! Contrarily, some might make it a “single floral bouquet” and gather a couple stems of the same flower and consider that a bridesmaid arrangement as well. We love all of the the looks! It’s modern and simplistic. The most common single stem bouquet for weddings is a white rose.

2024 Wedding Accessories we’re going to love!

Sparkly veils

It’s no lie we all got inspired by THE Sofia Richie’s beautiful dewdrop veil. We’re going to see more sparkle inspiration in the veil category this upcoming wedding season hands down! Don’t get blown too far away by designer-priced veils though. We’ve found small sellers on Etsy to be super affordable and high quality! Click on the photo to be taken directly to the veil’s Etsy seller.

2024 Bridesmaid Colors that are trending!

After 2022 and 2023’s explosion of Garden Party aesthetic, we can point to two places that have influenced the industry’s wedding colors. Pop culture inspiration from Netflix’s hit series “Bridgerton” with bright vibrant colors, gowns and florals all the way to the iconic Taylor Swift Eras tour with sparkly jewel tones. We’ve seen these trends flow into the wedding world with no hesitation and for great reason.

With these ideas in mind, we’re predicting the following trends for bridesmaids in 2024: Watercolor and Square Necklines.

2024 Bridesmaid Color of the Year: PURPLE

Yes, we said it, purple! Not just any purple: Lavender and Mauve. Especially, how beautiful a satin finish or ruffle detail looks on these colors and how it compliments any skin tone. In conclusion, you’re guaranteed a happy wedding party with these gorgeous colors.

2024 Bridesmaid Trend: Watercolor Designs

In lieu of last year’s floral garden party aesthetic, live watercolor painters were the “It” vendor! Identically, arrived beautiful watercolor dress designs we’ve seen trendy brides start to incorporate for their elevated weddings. Look no further than these Nordstrom gowns!

2024 Bridesmaid Trend: Square Necklines

A classic neckline that’s always safe for everybody’s unique body shapes. Certainly, this modest neckline will never go out of style! Look no further than this beautiful, backless, high-slit dress from Lucy in the Sky!

2024 Wedding Trend: Dance Floor Accessories

We have seen the coolest new ideas on our wedding couple’s dance floors. Read this one-shop guide on our blog for the classic go-to inspo: Wedding Dance Floor Ideas that Guarantee Dancing 

Although, 2024 dance floor trends have entered the chat and we’re so excited to see more of them!

2024 Dance Floor Idea: Black and White Checkered Floor

This classic checkered floor are found in old vintage hotel venues. Or, you can find them in vintage inspired rental companies. Correspondingly, this dance floor looks great with a photographer who shoots flash and will look like a timeless party in your photos.

2024 Dance Floor Idea: Floral Swings

Such a great addition for your cocktail hour area or as a seating idea when people need that break from your dance floor. Although, we’d keep it at least 10 ft off your dance floor though so no one gets hurt by those drunk hooligans we’re sure will have a hay day on these things!


Additionally, as your videographer, we can imagine such a great POV shot from the on-lookers who are sitting here admiring the view of the dance floor!

Timeless Wedding Trend: Adding Unique Personality

Adding your unique love story to your day should never be a trend. Instead, something timeless should always be incorporated to everyone’s special day because that’s what a wedding is all about! Celebrating the two of you, your love and your story.

Whether that’s celebrating your cultural heritage with family traditions or adding your beloved doggie names to your cocktail menu, we’re here for it all!

Western Style Receptions

Comparatively, be like this country chic couple and turn your backyard into your reception dreams. They went all out with a mechanical bull and lit up cowboy hats to pass around to their guests. Undoubtedly, it made for an unforgettable night! These photos were second shot for the amazing Katie Byrd.

Timeless Wedding Trend: Film Photography + Videography

Some might say that film is a trend since it’s 2021 explosion. But, as a super 8mm filmmaker, we can gladly say that film has been around since our grandparent’s time and it’s not going anywhere. In some way, every decade you can find film formats used in some shape or form. Just take a look at 10 years ago when everyone had the disposable cameras at the tables!

Film Videography by Alesia Films

There’s a reason people love film. It is imperfect. As a result, film is candid authenticity and raw emotion. Nothing posed. Nothing static. Therefore, it’s meant to be moving and full of life – and that’s exactly how we feel a wedding day should be. As a filmmaker who specializes in vintage film, our wedding vendor philosophy is to let the day unfold as naturally as possible. Unquestionably, our goal is to stand away and capture your true emotions from afar. Let it happen and let it be as real as your love already is.

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