Ethereal Gardens Wedding Venue is a 40 acre property in Escondido, California. In April of 2022, this Trademark venue hosted 200 guests for Anh & Mark’s Vintage Garden themed wedding.

Anh & Mark Wedding Video by Alesia Films

Why Get Married at Ethereal Gardens?

Ethereal Gardens Wedding Venue in Escondido, CA is the perfect place to accommodate your wedding if you’re looking for a creative and beautiful garden-like property. It reminded us of the Netflix show Bridgerton! With flowers, butterflies, fountains and European accent decor, it felt like we were transported to 18th century London! They enhance every area with floral beauty, water features and spacious indoor options. The property is divided by giving couples multiple places to get ready, hold their ceremony, host a cocktail hour and dance the night away in their giant reception tent. Ethereal Gardens is just one of many venues under Trademark Venues in California. To get their latest pricing and schedule a tour, CLICK HERE.

When we asked our couple why they chose Ethereal Gardens they said, “I used to think I wouldn’t want to get a wedding because of my personality: Introverted and super low self-esteem. I really dislike the thought of being the center of attention (that’s why I don’t even celebrate birthdays lol); And anxiety big time – I’ll be too overly worried about every little thing that the wedding would be too much of a pressure for me to even think about having one.
But I thought if I ever decided to do one, it’d be my dream to have a beautiful farm-style/vintage wedding where everyone would be dancing and hugging each other with full of emotions, instead of a traditional Vietnamese restaurant wedding style where the guests sit around boringly at their seats waiting to be served and entertained from the couple/wedding parties. (So Alesia, please help me to record as much as possible the moments of family and guests having a good time, it’d mean so much to me! Thanks Alesia! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Then a few months ago, as Mark’s parents kept on insisting for us to have even a dinner “wedding” for family and close relatives, Mark and I started to “just look around and see.” When Mark found the beautiful photos of Ethereal Gardens on Instagram, I thought to myself, “These people must have gotten inheritance from their parents”, “How on earth are these people so lucky to have such a beautiful wedding”, “I wishโ€ฆ..”

Then I thought “It doesn’t hurt to call the venue for a quote just out of curiosity”, “It doesn’t hurt driving there to see the venue in person just for fun”. Then here we are, 10 days away from the wedding! ๐Ÿ™‚

It turns out to be a โ€ฆ. super expensive wedding, around $80k totalโ€ฆ, which we didn’t foresee at first when we put down the deposit, it keeps adding up. (I woke up in the middle of many nights in disbelief). But then I keep telling myself, embarrassingly as a girl to say this, I want Mark to have this. Mark has always been the poor kid among his friends. Honestly he doesn’t have much, not money, not looks, not even the best health. But he’s very cute with his smiles. Someone with low self-esteem and depression/anxiety like myself, I get amazed of how happy and cheerful he is with all the little things in life. I want to keep seeing his smiles. I want to make him the male version of Cinderella (haha ๐Ÿ™‚ )
Will just have to work extra hard after the wedding to make it back lol.”

With that said, we don’t know the exact price of booking Ethereal Gardens, but to Anh & Mark… it was worth it. To get their latest pricing and schedule a tour, CLICK HERE.

How did you two meet?

“May 2017, I wanted to switch my job as a nurse from an adult’s hospital to a children’s hospital, the specialty where I’ve always passionate to work with for the rest of my career. I applied multiple pediatric hospitals and got rejected due to lack of pediatric experience myself. I was really sad, then I finally decided to ask a friend for help. I’ve been with this friend since I came to US in 2005, we always studied together throughout the years from high school to graduating college. However, there was a personal incident happened that we ended up not talking to each other for 2 years. But that May I was so desperate of working at a pediatric hospital, I contacted her hoping she could connect me with someone. She herself always works with adults, but she knows “this guy” who works 2 jobs both at adult and pediatric hospitals, and thus gave Mark’s contact info to me. Soon after that I got the job at the pediatric hospital, AND the referrer. (I gave him a thank-you gift card, which soon after was returned back to me ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ )”

How did Mark propose?

“Nothing! Well, I guess there was technically a little bit of a proposal there lol.
I’m not too romantic myself and I’m a very low-maintenance partner. I didn’t even expect or wait for a proper proposal. We were being practical talking about our lives/marriage together with financial goals and kids. Then we decided to just get married at the County Clerk.
Then it was the day before the appointment with the Clerk, I stayed late in the office after work by myself as usual, he was picking me up from work that day. What he did was, he printed a photo collage of our photos together, taped on top of a box of donuts, then got down on one knee at the office to propose, for the marriage appointment that we already made for the next day, like just to have it checked off the life to-do list or something..! We were just laughing about how silly the proposal was, and I’m not super proud of it lol.”

Ethereal Gardens Venue Vendors

Videography: Alesia Films

Photography: For the West and Wild

Catering: Ethereal Gardens

Officiant: Reverend Richard

All photos provided by the super talented Molly with For the West and Wild. Inquire with her HERE to book her for your wedding photography needs!

Details – Ethereal Gardens

Getting Ready at Ethereal Gardens Venue

First Look & Portraits at Ethereal Gardens

Ceremony – Ethereal Gardens

Sunset Portraits – Ethereal Gardens

Reception – Ethereal Gardens

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