Their incredible Alaska destination elopement

Alaska – a true backcountry gem of our country. From the hundreds of mountain peaks, clear water lakes, rivers, glaciers, bears, moose, and mountain goats – this was truly an unforgettable experience and that’s exactly what Brooke and Cody wanted. An unforgettable Alaska destination elopement experience.

The Location: Knik River Glacier

Knik River Glacier is located just between Hatcher Pass and the Knik River Lodge. After doing an epic mountain trail in Hatcher Pass to say their vows, we drove an hour to the lodge to check in for our helicopter tour!

All photos provided by Adventure Instead – aren’t they amazing?!

Permits & Restrictions for an Alaska Elopement

You do not need a permit to get married on the Glacier or anywhere in the area while on the helicopter tour. If you plan on making it official in Alaska, you will need a marriage license application. You can find information on an application here

How to get there:

Knik River Glacier and its surrounding areas are only accessible by helicopter. Of course, you can hitchhike to it if you so, please… But the pilot mentioned that no one ever does because of how far out into the wilderness it is! And not to mention how many black bears and grizzlies are present in this area, helicopter access is the best option. 

Tips for a helicopter elopement in Alaska:

  • Triple check with your helicopter tour company what you’re allowed to bring. Helicopters have weight restrictions and will be asking for your weight, your spouse’s weight, your photographer and videographer’s weight alongside the weight of their gear. When we were at the lodge, they were telling other tour groups they couldn’t pack anything in – just themselves! Our party was the only exception because Brooke + Cody purchased their wedding package, they accounted for our gear ahead of time. 
  • If you are allowed to pack in a bag, pack extra layers for warmth. Alaska in the summer can be a sunny and beautiful 70 degrees day, but once the sun gets blocked by a cloud, it can get cold really quickly! 
  • Pack in an empty water bottle. Our pilot encouraged us to drink the glacier water for how clean and fresh it is. A lot of tourists will fill up a water bottle for the rest of their tour to enjoy! 
  • Try to go with a helicopter tour that allows for flexibility in where you land. Our package included 4 landings and our pilot was gracious enough to fly around to spots that we requested: a spot on the glacier, a spot on a mountain top with epic views, a spot by the lake, and a spot with some wildflowers! 

Why a helicopter elopement?!

Helicopter elopements are our favorite! So many people hike on their elopement day and have to work around their hair, makeup, and clothes getting ruined with sweat and weather – but not with helicopter elopements! Not only do you get an insane experience and aerial views of the land, but what better way to celebrate your love in a beautiful place than by a peaceful ride up in the sky!

Helicopter Alaska Elopements

This is such a popular thing to do for any general tourist who visits Alaska. With its insane mountain ranges and bears EVERYWHERE – helicopter tours are the most common activity for anyone who wants to see Alaska’s beauty! Especially for people who want to elope and fly onto glaciers with no one else around! Helicopter tours are only available from April-September in Alaska.

Which helicopter tour company in Alaska should you choose?

If you’re in the Anchorage area, we highly recommend the company we went with: Alaska Helicopter Tours. The launching point is from Knik River Lodge and their wedding/elopement packages are more flexible and come with everything you want and need! Our experience with them was also phenomenal!

Videography Alaska Elopement Packages

Our videography packages to Alaska start with a $999-$1499 travel fee and a highlight film package starting at $4000. If you plan to have us join you on your helicopter tour, you will also need to pay and reserve our spot in the helicopter with you. If you’d like to get in touch with us for your elopement film dreams, head to our contact page HERE

The team of Alaska Wedding Vendors

Video: Alesia Films

Photography: Adventure Instead 

Helicopter Tour Company: Alaska Helicopter Tours

Dress: Rue de Seine

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