In this post I’ll be sharing 5 questions you can ask a wedding/elopement videographer before you book them. I wrote this for couples like you — couples who are likely in planning mode for your wedding/elopement, and you’ve found a videographer! Choosing a videographer is an important decision and you want to make sure you picked the right person to capture a day as special as your wedding! As a videographer myself, I want to help you make an informed decision!

Here’s 5 Questions to Ask a Wedding Videographer Before Booking Them

Can we set up a call?

Portrait of a newlywed couple with their Oregon wedding videographer

It’s incredibly important to set up a call to discuss any questions you may have. The call is helpful for you to figure out what vision you’re really looking to create for your elopement film, and will help you get a better idea of how you and the videographer mesh! You wanna make sure you connect with them, and you should be able to trust them on a day as special as your wedding!

What is your booking process like?

Portrait of Alesia Films, an Oregon based travel and destination wedding and elopement videographer

It’s 2021, and we’re just barely coming out of the life-changing Covid-19 pandemic. As a service provider, videographers have to be one step ahead about Covid-19 mandates within the location where you’re planning to get married. So be sure to ask about their payment policies if a new mandate would force you to re-locate or cancel your wedding location.

Do you offer teaser videos?

If you want a teaser video to share with family and friends, or just via the ‘gram, ask your videographer if they even do this! And then ask how long it would take until you get the teaser video — this is also called the turnaround time.

Portrait of Oregon based travel elopement videographer, Alesia Films

How do you deliver the video(s)?

Golden hour portrait of Oregon based destination wedding videographer

You likely already have a photographer for your big day, but videography is a little different, and the way video files are delivered can also be different. Some deliver via a gallery, some use an online video site (like Vimeo), and some will even mail you a USB flash drive. When you hop on a call, ask what options are available, discuss what you’d prefer and choose from there. But feel free to ask what they recommend too!

What’s your approach to posing couples?

Portraits of an Oregon based elopement videographer in Bryce Canyon, Utah

Some videographers choose to give specific prompts and direct instructions telling you how to pose. Others are more “go-with-the-flow” and want to capture moments of you and your love in a way that’s true and organic. If you’re not used to being filmed or on camera, these are questions to consider and discuss with your videographer. Ultimately, you’ll want to assess if the videographer will make sure you feel as comfortable and confident as you do on camera as you do off camera.

Past couples have told me that I’m a big ball of energy and that my joyful personality helped them to feel more confident when having to pose!

Bonus Questions to Ask a Wedding/Elopement Videographer

These aren’t questions you need to specifically ask on the call, but just bonus questions to consider!

What’s their overall style and color scheme?

Portrait of a wedding & elopement videographer at Big Sur

Pay attention to what aspects of their films you’ve already seen and like from them. Is it their colors, is it more warm or is it cold? Is it moody or colorful? What emotions do you feel from watching their videos? Passion? Romance? Trust? Intimacy? Connection? Vulnerability?

It may sound silly at first, but you’ll start to notice the different traits that made their style stick out. You’ll usually find that it also represents you and your love’s personality as a couple. Enter into that and choose a videographer who connects with that!

In my case, I lean towards colorful and bright with my video style!

Do you have a specific video you love from them?

Portrait of a newly eloped couple underneath the Tamanawas Falls in Mt. Hood, Oregon with their videographer

Wedding films are extra special! They’re meant to capture your big day so that you can re-live it as many times as you’d like (enter ALL the feeelllsss). In addition, you’ll want to consider things like: do you like the more intimate, emotional scenes or do you like to have candid moments filmed? Use the call to share what you’d like to see and even reference a video of theirs that you love! Your videographer should be able to make the film customized to you and your love while honoring your vision.

Is there a photographer they usually work with?

Portrait of Oregon based wedding videographer, Alesia Films

This is a question to consider if you haven’t hired a photographer yet. Videographers have awesome connections to other wedding creatives! If they have a go-to photographer, it’ll make everything about your wedding film and photos feel more cohesive and unified! Plus, it takes the stress away from you of having to look for a photographer!

Do you need a videographer for your wedding or elopement?

I’m here to help you! If you haven’t found a videographer for your special day just yet, and you like what you see around here, feel free to reach out to me here!

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