With more and more people receiving the vaccine, and restrictions being lifted, I know many people are itching to travel again. Maui is a place I hold dear to my heart and visit every year, and can’t wait to visit again later this year, BECAUSE as of May 2021, Hawaii is open for travel again!! So I thought I’d share some of my tips and my top 5 places to get married in Maui for those of you planning a Maui wedding or elopement this year!

Why choose to get married in Maui?

Oh my goodness, I LOVE Maui! I go to Maui every year in order to escape the winter blues of Oregon, so I basically live here half of the year. It’s a great destination for weddings, vacations, honeymoons, and even bachelor/bachelorette parties! Personally, I prefer Maui over Oahu, because it doesn’t get as crowded, and there’s A LOT to enjoy! To me, Maui is this perfect cocktail of serenity, liveliness, and adventure!!

When’s the best time of year to get married in Maui?

So I actually have two suggestions for this, for different reasons:

January – March

If you don’t mind a little bit of rain, this is a great time to visit Maui. If you’re planning a vacation along with your big day, this season is perfect for certain activities, like whale watching, and viewing the epic Maui waterfalls! During this season, the Road to Hana waterfalls come in full force! And every February, Maui locals host a Chinese new year festival on the west side of the island.

November – December

Maui’s weather during this period isn’t too bad. Although rainy season starts mid-November, rain doesn’t last for too long, and the sun comes back out quickly. And something I’ve come to learn about Maui? The island has micro-climates. So in one spot it might be raining, but if you drive 10 minutes in another spot, it’s dry and sunny!

But besides that, this season is perfect if you want to see some of Maui’s beautiful rainbows (which are considered good luck to locals)! Also, flight prices are pretty inexpensive during these months. It does start to get crowded when Christmas comes around, though!

When should you avoid Maui for your wedding?

For the most part, I just suggest avoiding going June to early November because this is when hurricane season comes into full force! If you’re trying to avoid the crowds, July-August is the most busy with tourists!

Now that I’ve given you those tips, without further ado, these are my top 5 places to get married or elope in Maui! 😎

The Top 5 Places to Get Married in Maui

Where to Get Married in Maui: Kapalua Beach

If you’re looking to have a reception after your ceremony, then Kapalua Beach is perfect for you! It’s near enough to the other spots on this list where you can get those epic adventure session shots; and, there’s several venues on the Kapalua Beach where you can get married and have a reception. Located on the West side of Maui, this beach is well known for its unique crescent shape, and has two lava rock formations surrounding it.

Where to Elope in Maui: Ironwood Beach

Photos of a Maui Elopement at Ironwoods Beach featured on a blog post by Oregon Elopement Videographer, Alesia Films
Photos by Naomi Levit

Ironwood Beach is actually part of Kapalua Beach! If you’re looking to have a beach-themed elopement in Maui, this spot is packed with rocky cliffs, as well as natural lava rock formations, and white sands. This spot is definitely ideal for the more outdoorsy-loving couples!

Where to Have an Adventure Session: Honolua Forest

Photos of a Maui Elopement at Honolua Forest featured on a blog post by Oregon Elopement Videographer, Alesia Films
Photos by Naomi Levit

Near to the Ironwoods Beach, is the Honolua Forest! If the beach isn’t your vibe, consider having a small ceremony here! This forest is perfect if you truly want to experience Maui’s tropical paradise, and elope with your love. It’s also a great spot for a “day after” adventure session if you do choose to have a ceremony elsewhere 😉

Where to Have an Adventure Session or Elope: Haleakala Volcano Crater

Okay, this one’s definitely the most unique spot I’ll recommend on this list, and perfect for any ADVENTUROUS couples! The Haleakala Crater is so so precious to locals, and has views that goes on for miles!! At 10,000 feet in the air, you’d be standing on volcanic ground above the clouds. Many believe this area to be healing and magical. If you don’t mind heights, this spot is perfect for a Maui elopement, especially at sunrise!!

Where to Get Married and/or Elope in Maui: Makena Cove

Located on the south shore of Maui, this location is quiet and secluded — especially if you go early morning. The Makena Cove is perfect for a Maui elopement because you get Hawaii nature surrounding you and more privacy than other spots!

Our Top 3 Favorite AirBnb’s in Maui

Central Maui

The Blue Door on Church Street

This charming historic home has so so much to offer: a spacious patio deck, modern fixtures, and even a sauna on the property!

This specific listing can sleep up to 5 people, but you can book the two villas as one (sleeping up to 10 people) on their website here.

Book Here / Instagram

North Shore

Tropical Haiku Cottage

This Maui cottage is cozy and quaint, with enough space to sleep up to 4 guests! I love the stark white interior, and that you get a whole outdoor space to enjoy a cup of coffee. My favorite area is the screened porch area, where you can stargaze and enjoy the Hawaii breeze without those pesky bugs to bother you!

AirBnB Listing

South Maui

The Forever Sunday Condo

Looking for a place a little more “modern”? This Maui condo may be tiny, but I find it to be more up-to-date than other Airbnb condos in Maui. You get a beautiful view from your open patio deck on the second floor, a full, modern kitchen, TWO bathrooms, and a laundry unit! This place feels like a Maui home away from home. This Condo within the Palms sleeps up to 4 guests.

Book Here

Looking for a videographer for your Maui wedding or elopement?

I hope you enjoy this personal list of the top 5 places to get married in Maui! If you’re planning to go to Maui for your special day, the good news is I go just about EVERY YEAR during the Winter time!! If you’re looking to get your big day captured on video, you can reach out to me here to book me for your Maui destination wedding or elopement!

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