Anna & Gio’s elopement at the Tamanawas Falls in Mt. Hood, Oregon was one full of adventure! To read more about Anna & Gio’s special story, you can read below.

How did you two meet?

We met each other working at the Dannon Company in 2011. I (Anna) was living in New York at the time and traveled to a plant trial in Utah, where Giovanni was based at the time. Giovanni was the first person I met as he greeted me at the door. As Giovanni tells it, we became fast friends and started dating 9 months after. As I tell it, I came in wearing a hair net, safety glasses and a lab coat so only my cheeks were exposed. Giovanni saw me and instantly fell in love with my cheeks! It was love at first sight.

What are your favorite things to do together?

We love traveling, hiking, going on fun and new adventures, fishing, hammocking, eating, cuddling with our pup Molly, laying on the couch watching reality TV shows, and being in each other’s company.

How did he propose?

Giovanni proposed to me at Machu Picchu. While we were hiking, Giovanni stopped me to set up a tripod for us to take a selfie, which I loved. While I was posing, he came to me and pretended to pose as well. Suddenly, he kneeled down and started his proposal. My mind turned blank and I started to cry due to fear of the reality that it was really happening after 8 years. My reaction was horrid even though I was expecting it and I even painted my nails for this trip. Little did I know, the camera was in video mode so the whole proposal and my awkward reaction was captured and recorded. Even to this day, we are still too scared to watch it.

Tamanawas Falls Elopement in Mt. Hood, Oregon

This day started off at the early hours of 4am in our cabin, and already with an abundance of love. First, Gio brewed coffee for all of us, while Talia was prepping Anna’s hair and makeup. Gio snuggled with Molly a bit, and then, we were off to the Tamanawa Falls for their elopement!

The ceremony was simple, yet sweet. Anna and Gio wrote their vows to be extremely personalized and full of jokes. Sniffles also came into play quickly (mostly from Gio).

A sunrise elopement underneath the Tamanawas Falls in Mt. Hood, Oregon

The Tamanawas Falls was both perfect and ideal as a location for their elopement, because Anna and Gio are such adventurous people. They even wore hiking boots under their wedding attire, allowing their elopement to really feel like theirs. Anna chose a minimal bridal dress, and wore a floral crown to pair with it, while Gio wore a classic tux.

A sunrise elopement underneath the Tamanawas Falls in Mt. Hood, Oregon

After the ceremony itself, Gio laid out a little tapestry rug and they enjoyed a small picnic. And of course, their good girl Molly was present for it all!

Sunrise Elopement at the Tamanawa Falls Film

This video right here was my first sunrise elopement, and I was lucky enough to have a couple that trusted my vision and allowed me to try some new things with their video. Essentially, I want people to hear and see what it feels like to get up THIS EARLY to start getting ready; not only for a wedding day, but also for a hike to a waterfall. With this film, I wanted you to feel like you were right there with us. To feel what it’s like to wake up at the crack of dawn, and prepare to go on a hike. We woke up to the sounds of the forest and water. The morning chilly air was just enough to kick our asses into gear! Everyone was tired (and hungover); yet, the family banter and smiles were evident.

This was also my first try at incorporating a nostalgic super 8 film to achieve that “family home video vibe”. I still wanted it to be professional, but also bring in my Alesia Films editing style. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video, because I love these guys so much! They’ve completely made me rethink how I want to run my business and make future videos 🙌🏼

A sunrise elopement underneath the Tamanawas Falls in Mt. Hood, Oregon

If you’d like to have me there to film your special day, you can reach out to me here!

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