Welcome to the new, rebranded website everybody! Today, I’ll be sharing my top reasons for rebranding and why you need to rebrand your website too! But firstly, let’s go back in time, shall we?

Before Rebranding My Website

I DIY’d my website 3 years ago in a hotel room and in a matter of hours. All I knew at that time was to find some random website host for a domain to direct my couples to my contact form via my Instagram. At the moment, doing just that was super necessary. I had the basics: a website with an official contact form. It was enough to show off professionalism and legitimacy.

It is so important that your website shows off who you are and your why. As such, these are two significant things that amaze potential clients from the get-go. When you compare a DIY website to a fully branded, SEO-filled page — a page where your uniqueness and prowess in the industry can shine… That is a game changer. Now, let’s get into why you need to rebrand your website too: 

Reasons to Rebrand Your Website

Firstly, rebranding your page gives your clients an experience with you before even meeting you or having a conversation with you! It’s that first impression that matters! In other words, when clients first see your website, you want to blow them away. You want them to dive in immediately, explore every tab, and left yearning to learn more about you and your business.

Secondly, rebranding will show off your expertise in your industry and your passion for your job. The core value of rebranding is to improve that client experience. For me, I want my clients to feel welcomed. I want them to feel like I can help them in any way, shape, or form. Most importantly, I want them to feel that I am a trustworthy and professional business. Personally, I put immense time and care into my couples leading up to their big day; therefore, my website should display that while they’re considering hiring me!

Every wedding vendor should feel the same way, and I understand how hard it can be to convey that message without flat-out telling them. That’s why rebranding your business is the ultimate way of achieving this! It helps build connections from the get-go and improves the way they see you as a professional and passionate business!

Why You Need to Outsource Your Rebranding

This investment is 1000% worth it! Building your site on your own is possible, but when you get a FULL branding kit from a branding company, your business is set up to give your clients an EXPERIENCE that reassures them of how amazing you are. So, I’ll share some of the specifics I got from my amazing branding company: Alisabeth Designs!

I purchased their fusion package and was given multiple consultations and design calls to go over the creative vision I had for my website, my colors, a new logo and social media kits! It was going to be a full-on transformation that focuses on my niche of adventure elopements, wows them with design and leaves no doubt to my couples that I can deliver them a one of a kind and beautiful experience of their wedding day.

Alisabeth Designs made everything to my liking before going ahead with anything and it WOW’d me! I feel like they truly understand my passion for wedding films and how much I care for my couples. As you can see, they nailed it!

After Rebranding My Website

My website has gone through quite a journey! When I had my initial discussion about rebranding, it lit a FIRE in me. Like, the kind of fire that makes you full of new creative juices and life. All I wanted to do was UP MY GAME.

I believe this investment was so so so important for my business. Now, I’m officially targeting my dream clients and giving myself a look that’s recognizable across all platforms! 

Feel the fire yet? Well, I hope so! Leave a comment and share what you think of the new Alesia Films rebrand! 🙂

  1. We are about to start our branding and website design, just inquired with a few designers yesterday! Can’t wait to see how this continues to grow our business!

  2. Emily W says:

    This website is seriously unreal!!! So amazing!

    A strong website is really such a great first impression!

  3. Kyrie Copeland says:

    This entire site feels so warm & welcoming! I also really love your note on the rebranding allowing you to build connections from the very beginning. Such a huge factor in attracting ideal clients!

    • Alesia Piol-Hunter says:

      YES YES YES!! I preach it all the time in my mentorship calls! Your website is your first impression and first connection to your future clients! 🙂

  4. Ana Campos says:

    You are so inspirational and I admire how much you care about your clients and couples. Your website is beyond amazing and it truly does make me feel so welcomed ❤️ Excited to see all the new adventures and goals that you will encounter ❤️


  5. Mac says:

    I’m so proud of your new website can’t wait for the wedding xoxo mac

  6. Anna Lam says:

    So amazing!!! I’ve loved seeing all the previews and your new site is just absolutely stunning. I am also launching with AD soon and can’t wait. Your work is a huge inspiration for me and I love to see you thriving and working with your dream clients. Can’t wait to see what amazing adventures you get up to next!! 😍

  7. James Hardy says:

    This was so enlightening! Thank you!!

  8. I looove the rebrand!! I’ve been following for a while and have watched you totally settle into your niche and it’s so cool to see that come to life on your website. I’ve been looking into getting branding done myself, so I’m so happy & inspired to hear that the investment is worth it!! 🥳

  9. Gabriella A says:

    Yesss websites are so important!! I also DIY’d my website and I feel like I’m constantly wanting to improve it. I definitely plan on outsourcing a rebrand sometime soon!

  10. Your website is UNREAL and I am totally convinced I need to rebrand ASAP. Thanks for sharing girl, wishing you the best!

  11. Robyn Jost-Saylor says:

    Alesia! Your new website is EXTRAORDINARY! It’s fun, warm, and packed with adventure just like you! I think couples are immediately going to be able to pick up on those vibes when they visit your site now. Alisabeth Designs did a fantastic job and your work speaks for itself!

  12. Faith says:

    WOW! This website is so dreamy and makes us even more excited to have you shoot our Colorado wedding! You truly know how to capture love through your work.

  13. Madison Albrecht says:

    I love your work and hope to have something done from you one day once my photography turns into a business ☺️

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