Looking for a way to “tie the knot” that sounds more intentional to the both of you? Get inspired by these unity ceremony ideas like pouring sand, writing anniversary letters, releasing a lantern, lighting a unity candle, and more!

20 Unity Ceremony Ideas for any couple getting married!

  1. A Unity Cross or “Cord of Three Strands” – see inspo
  2. Pour tequila into a tequila barrel from a decanter and then take a shot together!
  3. Share a shot with your officiant! – watch video
  4. Hand fasting
  5. Plant a tree
  6. Unity Lock Ceremony
  7. Unity in Glass – learn more
  8. Create a custom message and brand it on leather! – see more

9. “Warming of the rings” – learn more

10. Anniversary Wine Box with letters to each other – watch video

11. Whisky Blending Ceremony

12. Unity Candle

13. Butterfly Release (video coming soon)

14. Lasso Ceremony (video coming soon)

15. Release sky lanterns (video coming soon)

16. Make Guac together!

17. Tea unity Ceremony

18. Build a bonfire together

19. Succulent Planting

20. Log Cutting Ceremony

And that is it my friends! I hope these ideas have sparked some inspiration for your own wedding. Let us know what you ended up doing in the comments below!

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