Wedding Client Experience Course


This Course was created in Kajabi - a user friendly interface for you to go through each lesson catered to different client experience topics. There, you can comment, download your goodies and track your progress with the Course all in one place. 

This Course was made for Wedding Photographers and Videographers to learn how to niche their branding to wedding clients and/or grow their business and word of mouth referrals with their current wedding experience. 

The lessons help you effectively present your brand to the right clients, establish trust in your relationships, communicate effectively with your processes and deliver a high-quality experience to every wedding client.

This Course is self-paced and is full of engaging exercises and downloadable goodies such as questionnaire forms, email templates and more! 

You will also receive access to our exclusive Facebook group for Course students to have community for client questions and ideas! 


What it's all about


What the students are saying! 

- @hannahrosserphotography

"It covers topics from initial emails to the Client, branding presence, Client consultations, CRMS, automation, Client gifts, and SO much more! This course holds a wealth of information that I have yet to see anywhere else!! Clients deserve to feel like a million bucks and to be seen, heard, and cared for throughout their experience and this course teaches you how to do just that! I love that Alesia included several of her own Client calls that allows you to have insight into another business model that you usually wouldn’t have access to! Overall, would definitely recommend this course and you will feel like Alesia is rooting for you the whole way!! "

"I AM BLOWN AWAY by this course!!"

- @savlewisfilm

"It feels like you're sitting right next to Alesia in her office getting the inside scoop as she walks you through every. single. step. of her workflow - this is invaluable!! Alesia's years of wedding experience and a psychology background helped me to truly nail down my ideal clients and provided exactly what I need to do to best serve them. There was new information to learn from every module and lesson that would have taken me YEARS to figure out on my own. From live consult calls, downloadable quizzes and checklists I can't thank Alesia enough for creating this course jam packed with so much knowledge!! ”

“This course is game-changing!"

- @lydiastuemkeweddings

"I LOVE that we got to watch actual zoom calls with real couples. It's so helpful to see how other videographers approach 'sales' in a genuine way. ALSO, watching Alesia teach felt like hanging out with a good friend. She is so warm and her excitement is contagious.
I love that we have access to a Facebook group to continue learning and encouraging each other after we've completed the course! And I especially love that Alesia sets that tone that we're not here to just complain about clients, but to have an open mind and a growth mindset."

“Alesia really got the wheels turning in my head about how I can really WOW my clients and go above and beyond."

- @analyphoto

"That was how I felt while watching the Wedding Client Experience Course that Alesia filmed. Worksheets, quizzes, checklist pdfs...these are just some of the things she includes and it makes it super easy to follow through and take notes. She didn't hold back on any information and really broke every important topic down to the core. Even though this is geared towards creatives in the wedding industry, I honestly feel like it will be beneficial to any business owners! I'm definitely someone who loves to see examples to fully engage and understand something more clearly and holy crap, she does not hold back on examples for each topic!"

“One word; WOW."

- @bakkencompanyfilms

"This Course motivated me to hop on my computer and start updating my website, and client on-boarding workflow ASAP. When it comes to the structure and process of the client on-boarding, this is something I have been lacking, and truly feel like I have been losing bookings from not having a set process of communication. This course not only goes over that, but also psychology of sales, brand & client niching, SEO, gifting, reviews, and so much more! As someone who is 2+ years into the business and has bought courses from other professionals in the industry, this by far has been the most helpful when it comes to the overall focus of the client experience!

“You need to grab this course!"

An essential questionnaire for your workflow! 

This questionnaire form goes over things like the Wedding Timeline, day-of information, questions to get to know the couple more, video must-haves, music selection, filming direction and audio preferences. This insures that everyone is on the SAME PAGE before the wedding day!

The Modules:

Growth mindset, communication & expectations

Targeting your ideal client

step by step road map

automated workflows

delivery & reviews

This course also comes with downloads for your workflows such as Client Questionnaires, Email Templates, a Client Quiz & Guide and a Road Map Checklist.