Pricing Guide Template

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This Pricing Guide Template is only available through Canva. We believe Canva is the most user-friendly option for everybody and you only need the FREE membership account to open and customize this template.

This template will help you effectively sell and present your pricing to your potential clients through emotional and customer service psychology. Every template includes an informational video that walks you through how to attract your clients through design and emotion. The guide can help you raise your prices and consistently convert your leads to bookings.

This template is MEANT TO BE CUSTOMIZED to fit your unique brand and wedding business. The copy provided in this template is a base for you to build on, but we did not fill in any specific information since every vendor is different. It is necessary for you to complete this template by making it sound like your voice, your brand, and YOUR unique process of how you price yourself!

Don't just take it from me!


"I've struggled with creating a clean yet enticing Pricing Guide for my clients and Alesia's guide is everything I needed. The Guide is right to the point and isn't too overbearing with information - & y'all... the informational YOUTUBE VIDEO?! Alesia dives into the Guide on how she creates, edits, and sends it to her clients. There are so many things this Guide can offer to level up your business. Things like where to place gifs, videos, and photos so your clients not only see your work throughout but can focus on the important parts (like the packages/collections section). I am EXTREMELY happy to have this guide and I plan to use these tips in all of my future marketing pieces."


- @comealivevisuals

"For the first time since I've started my business, I am so stoked because I feel like I get to bring creativity and branding into PRICING!!! Alesia's Pricing Guide made it easy and exciting for me to visualize and create what I want my Pricing to look like. I never realized that it didn't just have to be a bunch of numbers and facts, but yet another way to wow your clients and invite people into the heart of your business! Also...I was so excited that it's a CANVA template -- super user friendly and customizable. Alesia even made a full step by step video explaining the ins and outs of how to tailor the template to fit your brand! I'm SO excited to dive in and send my first email of the Pricing Guide to my couples!"


- @reedefisher

"WOW! I'd been wanting to make my Pricing Guide for months now but kept getting writer's block and didn't really know where to start or finish. Once Alesia dropped her templates, I knew I had to jump at the opportunity and support a good friend in the process, and lemme tell y'all... it has SAVED/CHANGED my life! Gorgeous, clear and super helpful with prompts - Alesia covered it all. I can't thank her enough for taking the time to make something so great for other creatives. RUN, don't walk!"


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Imagine that your dream client just landed in your inbox.

We do a celebratory dance, tell all of our friends and family and whoops... try not to get our hopes up.

You reply back with an excited and thoughtful email as well as attach the simple Pricing Guide you DIY'd forever ago. 

And then you wait
and weeks...
and the sudden realization that you just got ghosted hits you like a truck.

You feel hopeless and confused as to why this client got all the way to the contact form, but didn't end up getting past the first 2 emails. 

You start to doubt your prices and might've even considered lowering them... OH NO!

But don't worry friend...

We got you!

We used to get ghosted too until we dusted off our ol' psychology textbooks from College, grabbed a professional designer, and got to WORK. 

Now, we get on the phone with everyone who comes through our contact form and we hear comments of how beautiful, interactive and excited they got seeing our pricing guide. 

*Cue the celebratory dance!

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A beautifully designed template that can help you WOW your leads

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Then you need to snag a Pricing Guide Template!

This Pricing Guide Template is meant for all Wedding Vendors! It comes with:

Built-in design for easy navigation and readability
A step by step video tutorial from alesia to teach all things design, video, pricing and Customer psychology
faq's section
a section to share a big selling point
a section to share your why
an investment page to share why you're the expert they want to hire
a very clean and presentable packages page following the "goldilocks" method
pages to fill important information